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The Influencers

The Influencers
Evan Yan from The Influencers

Evan yan (vocals, guitAR, PIANO)

Steven Suarez from The Influencers


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Genre: indie

The Influencers are Evan Yan and Steven Suarez; formed in 2010 the indie duo from Long Island (US) are known for creating singable and catchy tunes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and works from jazz and classical genres.  

2 years after forming and playing covers, the band released their debut album Deepwater Horizon (2012) and later another 14 track album Running In Circles (2013). The latter received critical acclaim and attention from local media, but failed to gain traction nationally.

They struck gold however, when Youtuber Danny Casale (Coolman Coffee Dan) debuted Running In Circles on his channel, giving the band the exposure they had been looking for. Within hours of the video upload, hundreds of fans found the two albums on streaming platforms and overnight The Influencers had a following.

After enjoying the success of their second album, and having songs featured in a number independent films and in the Big Apple Film Festival, the band released Valhalla (2014). Despite a strong sprint with previous works, Evan and Steven experienced frustrations with the direction of the band in getting their music out to a wider audience, and in 2014 decided to take a break to focus on their personal lives.


After a 4 year hiatus they are back stronger than ever, with several songs in production and plans for a new set of releases over the next 12 months. The first single post-hiatus is Dancing On Graves, released in early 2018 and attracting the interest of several record labels. In November the band signed to Tonotopic Records and are set to make an impact globally on the music scene with 6 tracks to be released under the label and a further album expected in the near future. 

Engage with Evan and Steven directly through their Facebook page HERE....

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