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David Luff

David Luff
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Genre: Experimental Pop

David was born in Croatia and has been freelance songwriting and producing for nearly a decade. His first release Reinvention was published independently in 2016 and achieved critical success, receiving numerous glowing write-ups and a growing fan base. He signed with Tonotopic Records in 2017 and released 'Waves' in December.

"I always knew I was gonna do something with art. I painted, wrote short stories, even did a horror movie with all the kids from neighbourhood. I taught myself how to play piano and at age of 11 I had one symphony written (laughs).


Back in the 90s and early 00s pop music ruled the world, and I was impressed and inspired by it. Watching all those artists sing and perfom, I knew it was something I was gonna do. I took piece of paper, a pen and an old dictaphone and started to write songs. First hundred songs sucked (laughs) but as I grew older my style matured.


I truly believe that melody is everything. I never approach writing a song with pointless phrases that I hope can incorporate somehow later in a piece. I think of, or dare to say, dream of a melody and I record it instantly. That melody gives me inspiration for a title. And from that point on everything just falls in like a metaphorical puzzle. I also prefer minor over major, as it always sounds so beautifully melancholic and nostalgic. I strongly believe that art can only be meaningful if it came from deep layer of feelings that moved you in any way, such as sadness, sorrow or heartbreak. And there is nothing more beautiful than pouring those emotions into a piece of melody, that way releasing yourself from your sadness and making everyone dance to it!"

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