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Beyond A CURE

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Avant garde (Rave, EDM, Trance)

After being discovered on SoundCloud, Beyond A Cure signed to Tonotopic Records in mid 2017 with the aim of publishing an album of songs written nearly 20 years ago. 

"Are you a Cure tribute band?" people would inevitably ask me when I was a teenager.  Hoping to understand where I was coming from.  "No."  I couldn't even tell you who Robert Smith was, but I happened to have the word "cure" in my alias, and apparently had the look of someone who wouldn't be around much longer.  Pink hair.  Black make-up.  Leather trenchcoat.  The poor hygiene of someone who hated their body, and hadn't yet learnt to differentiate between that and hating themselves.  Chronically unable to smile or hold my head high.


I worked shifts.  Listened to Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin while walking to the local twenty-four-hour corner shop at four in the morning to grab a Pot Noodle for my lunch break.  Spent all my spare time holed up in my home studio above Southend's red light district, little more than a PC running Impulse Tracker, a Novation DrumStation and a Roland SH-101.  Fuelled by a deep depression and cheap energy drinks, making obscure music for no-one in particular.


These days, I make happier music.  But we all have that awkward teenage phase, right?  "I fixed my hormone imbalance," I tell people, purposefully skirting around the details.  I dropped the alias long ago.  I was cured."

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