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What we do

Tonotopic Records is an independent UK record label founded in 2015. ​Located in Essex and Durham, we work closely with artists of all genres to record, publish and promote their music internationally.

We are a small label and as such, particularly interested in finding raw, undeveloped talent to work with. Our main goal is to build artists from the ground up, helping establish a growing fanbase and a release catalogue that reaches millions of listeners around the world.

In most cases we will either fund studio time or, if possible, invite artists into our own studios to track any project they feel ready to release. Projects developed in this way are free and do not contribute towards an artist’s unrecouped position, meaning as much time as is needed can be spent creating, recording, mixing and getting it right.

We work with all genres but our main specialties are country and indie (rock/pop). Our contacts in radio, music blogs and playlists are particularly strong in these areas and we consistently achieve good PR results upon release.

As well as management, distribution and PR we are also a registered music publishing company. The majority of artists on our roster are also signed to us within a publishing deal. We administer each song with PRS for Music and distribute royalties accordingly, as well as pursue sync opportunities and placements with other recording artists if the songwriter chooses.  

Like most indie labels, we pride ourselves on being artist friendly and open minded. If you would like to send us a demo please email with a streaming link at:

Best wishes, 

The Tonotopic Records Team

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