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Genre: Classical, Piano

Rachel is a self taught pianist and composer from the UK. Her music is best described as melancholic, emotional and uplifting, telling a story without using words and transporting listeners into an otherworldly experience.

She has written music for film, television, theater and video games under her alias ReicheruMusic and with another band The Inventories. She signed to Tonotopic Records in 2017 and in December of that year release her debut EP 'Hope'.

“My creative process will often come down to me just sitting down at the piano and improvising a few melodies and chords until something sparks and an idea is born! Composers such as Thomas Newman, Ludovico Einaudi, Joe Hisaishi and Danny Elfman are some of the people I look up to in the film and classical music world, as they all hold a unique sound to their name.” - Rachel.

As a hobby Rachel often uploads videos to her YouTube channel featuring original compositions and some of her favourite pieces which she covers.

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