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press release 22/12/2020

the influencers

release new single 'champagne'

(available 26th december 2020)


Tonotopic Records are pleased to bring you the brand new single from New York band The Influencers. The track is called 'Champagne' and is a tribute to 2020, reflecting on then rollercoaster of the pandemic, the election and emotion felt throughout by the songwriters Evan Yan and Steven Suarez.

It would be fantastic if you could run the news of the single's release on your outlets; for an MP3 stream and download click HERE, and if you manage a Spotify playlist the track is available here.

The band (Evan and Steven) are available for interviews and features of all descriptions, if you would like to speak to them please let me know.  Emailers all welcome, please just send across questions and I'll get them to the band.

Thanks very much, please direct all enquiries about The Influencers to me at the following email.

Conor |


New York pop band The Influencers are proud to announce the release of their latest single Champagne. The track is written in reaction to the rollercoaster events of 2020, including the pandemic and US election, both of which rocked New York state where the duo are based. Vocalist Evan Yan tells the story of events through the eyes of a child in the first section of the song, before a hard hitting chorus introduced by three part harmonies transforms the song, seen through the eyes of an adult with opera like deliverance. 

Champagne was written collaboratively by Evan (vocals) and Steven (percussion). Here's what Evan had to say on the making of the song:

"2020 has been mind-numbingly tumultuous. There are no words that can capture what happened this year. As a writer, it was impossible to write. Usually I can write 50-100 songs a year even though less than 8 see the light of day. It was like someone took every creative fiber from my being instantly. When lockdown started in March and we started our journey up the mountain of cases and deaths I didn't even try to write. I knew I had things to say but it's quite hard to say them while you're living it. 


I was incredibly fortunate enough to work from home while others risked their lives - "How did I have the right to say anything when I wasn't risking my life, suffering or losing someone?" I poured my energy into 3D printing face shields to donate to locals in need - it was the only way to fight the helplessness. I remember sitting outside on a spring day with birds singing and the sweet smell of warmth in the air with my guitar and an empty word document wondering to myself how it could be so beautiful out while so much pain was happening? 


When my neighbor's wife/mother passed away, I turned to my own loss of my mother and the nostalgia of my youth... remembering all the times she said, 'someday I won't be here'. I didn't have the words of what she said after but I knew what she meant. I remembered how she prepared me for later in life when she wouldn't be there and wondered how she might have prepared me for a year like 2020 if she only knew. I knew she would tell me to imagine all the good memories, all the good days and the careless nights. To remember there is hope when there is none... even when you will lose. There are principles worth fighting for and there is a right side to history.


Steven and I worked on this song on and off throughout the summer and reworked the song about 10 times before it was shelved. Finally, in November, the song was dusted off when Victor Mirontschuk, a NYC street photographer sent us a preview of a book he and 2 other photographers, Robin Fader (D.C.) and Susan Baggett (Boston) had been working on. Their goal was to capture 2020 through their lens. After sifting through thousands of photos they had narrowed it down to 80 to document the year. Victor made an 'off the cuff' comment about putting the photos to some music or a video. 


Suddenly, we were inspired - we had found the visuals that perfectly captured 2020 and wanted to be a part of it. We rerecorded, reproduced and remixed 'Champagne' and built our song and video around these remarkable photos. "

- Evan

Champagne is released through Tonotopic Records and is available everywhere from December 26th 2020 for you to buy and stream.

About the influencers

The Influencers are Evan Yan and Steven Suarez; formed in 2010 the indie duo from Long Island (US) are known for creating epic and alt pop tunes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. 

After releasing 3 albums the band decided to go on hiatus in 2014, unsure of whether their musical journeys would cross paths again. After a 4 year break Evan and Steven reformed The Influencers and signed to Tonotopic Records in 2019. 

Since partnering with the label they've released 5 singles, receiving positive reactions from music bloggers, playlisters and radio stations. The band continue to write and produce from their home studios in New York and have several releases planned for 2021. 

Find The Influencers online HERE

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