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Kings and castles release new single


kings and castles bevvy

Kings And Castles are proud to announce the release of their latest single 'Bevvy'. The track is an infectious three minutes of punchy bouncing riffs, yet has a much more sincere meaning than the title would suggest.

Bevvy was written by vocalist Ross Rolph, he explains the background to the track:

"The song lyrics were written about a tough couple of years that I went through.
It’s about becoming depressed, seeking help, trying medication and feeling like you are on a downward spiral with no way out. Having to battle with hyper emotions, being top of the world one minute to empty the next but using music to overcome these darkest of times.

People still shunned for talking about mental health and the struggles they go through and that’s not right. Hopefully people will find the strength to not care about the negative opinions people attach to it and find the strength to speak out and seek support.”.

Bevvy is available now on all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

indie band The Influencers sign to tonotopic records

The Influencers are Evan Yan and Steven Suarez; formed in 2010 the indie duo from Long Island (US) are known for creating singable and catchy tunes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and works from jazz and classical genres.  


2 years after forming and playing covers, the band released their debut album Deepwater Horizon (2012) and later another 14 track album Running In Circles (2013). The latter received critical acclaim and attention from local media, but failed to gain traction nationally.


They struck gold however, when Youtuber Danny Casale (Coolman Coffee Dan) debuted Running In Circles on his channel, giving the band the exposure they had been looking for. Within hours of the video upload, hundreds of fans found the two albums on streaming platforms and overnight The Influencers had a following.


After enjoying the success of their second album, and having songs featured in a number independent films and in the Big Apple Film Festival, the band released Valhalla (2014). Despite a strong sprint with previous works, Evan and Steven experienced frustrations with the direction of the band in getting their music out to a wider audience, and in 2014 decided to take a break to focus on their personal lives.


After a 4 year hiatus they are back stronger than ever, with several songs in production and plans for a new set of releases over the next 12 months. The first single post-hiatus is Dancing On Graves, released in early 2018 and attracting the interest of several record labels.



In November the band signed to Tonotopic Records and are set to make an impact globally on the music scene with 6 tracks to be released under the label and a further album expected in the near future.


Indie singer-songwriter Edward Mewburn has released his debut album Different Threads; featuring 12 tracks of original, off the wall, quirky songs recorded in Canada and mixed by Tonotopic Records earlier this year. We caught up with Ed to get his thoughts on the release...

How does it feel releasing your debut album after so much time writing and recording? 

It feels great to have released my first album, I put a lot of work in and it's nice to see everything come together into one final art form. A big thanks to Tonotopic for the post production!


The album contains quite an eclectic mix of songs, what was your inspiration and writing process?

I always start with lyrics and then try to make a song out of them. Inspiration comes from whatever happens to be on my mind at the time, a song can be about anything or nothing.


How did production go? Were there any challenges? 

There were many challenges, mostly because I was recording everything with only a guitar and a keyboard on my living room floor. I don't have any background in music production so everything has been pretty organic and raw as it's developed and I've learned a lot along the way.


Whats your favorite song on the album and why?

Probably the title track 'Different Threads' because it's short, sweet and sets the tone for the rest of the album.


What can fans look forward to in the not too distant future?

I have hundreds of ideas for songs and I'm constantly writing more. You'll see that I'm always uploading new tracks if you follow me online, and otherwise I'll be playing live and working towards the next release very soon!

Different Threads is out now on all major platforms, stream it here..



Following his experimental pop EP 'Waves' in 2017, David returns with a new catchy, summer inspired, dance track showing off a different side to his usual style.


We caught up with David to get his thoughts on the track....

Plava is a great summer anthem, what was the inspiration behind?

My main inspiration was the seasons and blue color of summer (Plava is blue in Croatian). I met a girl recently with striking blue eyes, it was quite breathtaking and I wanted to capture that moment in a light, breezy summer song.


The song is quite different stylistically from your last release Waves, are you heading in a new direction? 

It is quite different from Waves, partly because I didn't work with my long-time collaborator on the track. It was just me on production this time and i can get very "poppy" in the studio, I don't think I will be going in a completely new direction as this is just a standalone summer track and I'm actually working on a new project right now. A new EP which I've yet to decide if it will be in Croatian or English. It's going to be alt-pop too, but more uptempo and with more sampling and hip hop influences.


Were there any challenges producing on your own?

Not many, production was done in two weeks. I wanted a simple deep house inspired track. Unfortunately there aren't many fun stories that happened during production. It was just me alone in my studio with headphones on (haha).

Plava is out now on all major platforms, stream it here....

The Corn people release their "Blue" album

The (Blue) Corn People (2018) is the latest release from avant-garde electronic group The Corn People

The (Blue) Corn People is the latest release from the mysterious avant-garde group The Corn People. They refuse to be photographed or interviewed in person, so they're representative Grant Charney got a statement from them....

"The (Blue) Corn People is maybe one of our favorite albums to date. We wrote it after being inspired by the deserts and mountains of northern New Mexico, traveling along the deserts through Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and more. We think that this physical connection really helped us to create a more rounded and complete album.


As for where The Corn People are off to next, your guess is as good as ours, but we think they might be looking for a bigger impact. A global impact."

Check out their Artist page here for other releases and info!

available on all major online stores now!

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