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press release 10/01/2020

the influencers

release new single 'slingshot'

(available 24th January 2020)


Tonotopic Records are pleased to bring you the brand new single from New York band The Influencers. The track is called 'Slingshot' and is a classic singer songwriter ballad with an off the wall twist, featuring 4 part harmonies, 80s style synth and big atmospheric breaks. 

It would be fantastic if you could run the news of the single's release on your outlets; for an MP3 stream and download click HERE, and if you manage a Spotify playlist the track is available here.

The band (Evan and Steven) are available for interviews and features of all descriptions, if you would like to speak to them please let me know.  Emailers all welcome, please just send across questions and I'll get them to the band.

Thanks very much, please direct all enquiries about The Influencers to me at the following email.

Conor |


New York alt-pop band The Influencers are proud to announce the release of their latest single Slingshot. The track is a singer songwriter ballad with an intriguing twist, featuring 4 part harmonies, 80's style synth and spacey pre-chorus breaks, giving the track a feel good dance vibe whilst offering a Radiohead style alternative flavour. 

Slingshot was written collaboratively by Evan (vocals) and Steven (percussion). Here's what Evan had to say on the making of the song:

"Slingshot is our 5th single since restarting our music in 2018, and coincidentally our 5th love song in a row. While our other songs spoke about love from various points in a relationship, this one is about that very first crush. That feeling of your crush enveloping your mind and that feeling you get when you see them. Your world slows down just like a movie, you feel like you’re floating through space in a vacuum holding onto your breath while everything is suspended in the air like stars in the night sky - shimmering but forever fleeting. 

" - Evan

Slingshot is released through Tonotopic Records and is available everywhere from JANUARY 24th 2020 for you to buy and stream.

About the influencers

The Influencers are Evan Yan and Steven Suarez; formed in 2010 the indie duo from Long Island (US) are known for creating singable and catchy tunes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. 

After releasing 3 albums the band decided to go on hiatus in 2014, unsure of whether their musical journeys would cross paths again. After a 4 year break Evan and Steven reformed The Influencers and signed to Tonotopic Records in 2019. 

Since partnering with the label they've released singles "Whitewater", "Desert", "Fallin" and "Lightning", receiving positive reactions from music bloggers, playlisters and radio stations. The band continue to work with their close friend and producer Christian Rizzo, and plan to release material every 6 weeks throughout the year. 

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