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press release 14/09/2019

jon and julia

release new single 'HEY DADDY'

(available 23rd SEPTEMBER 2019)


Tonotopic Records are pleased to bring you the brand new single from Swedish pop artist Jon and Julia. The track is called 'Hey Daddy' and is a classic pop song with rock rich electric guitar and deut male-female vocals, giving the track a catchy Abba feel with a Rolling Stones kick. 


You can stream and download the track HERE.

It would be fantastic if you could run the news of the single's release on your outlets, and if you manage a Spotify playlist, the track will be available here.

Jon and Julia are available for interviews and features of all descriptions, if you would like to speak to them let me know.  Emailers all welcome, please just send across questions and I'll get them to the band immediately.

Thanks very much, please direct all enquiries to me at the following email.

Conor |


Swedish pop duo Jon and Julia are excited to announce the release of their latest single 'Hey Daddy'. The track is an upbeat, dancey mix of rock guitar and bluesy male and female vocals, creating a feel good track which can be described as Abba mixed with the Rolling Stones. 


Despite being a quick follow up to their last release 'Let It Go' only two months ago, the song writing process wasn't as speedy. Jon Sundberg (vocals and guitar) describes the process:

"We struggled a lot with this song before everything fell into place. From the beginning our ambition was to make a classic rock song, and it even had a working title of "Taste of Rock'n'roll". We did a demo recording but felt the song came off too flat, and never really lifted to any kind of exciting peak. At that point, as painful as it was, we threw everything away and started from scratch. We made a whole new arrangement, left the "rock world" and entered a kind of ”Donna Summer disco/pop world” and that opened up new ideas and avenues. Julia rewrote the lyrics and the melody, and I added a pop part in the middle of the song. We've often talked about writing a duet and "Hey Daddy" felt like the right track."

'Hey Daddy' is released through Tonotopic Records and is available everywhere from September 23rd 2019 for you to buy and stream.


j&j 2769.jpg

About Jon and Julia

Jon and Julia are Jon Sundberg and Julia Blomgren from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 2018, they had previously played in several bands releasing music independently and through self made record labels. When their former band mates parted ways they came together to form a new project and to create something special.


Before signing to Tonotopuc Records they released ‘Stop Bleeding Your Heart Out’ through Space Place Records, a friend's label which attracted the attention of local newspapers and social media.


"Kill the Idol" released shortly after, continuing to build on the band’s fanbase and allowing Jon and Julia to explore co-writing in greater depth. In late 2018 “City of Mine” was released and several record labels began to take notice of the dynamic duo, as well as radio stations across the United States and UK.


In January 2019 the band were picked up by Tonotopic Records and a deal was signed, prompting the production of several new songs to be released throughout the year.

Find Jon and Julia online:

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