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press release 10/04/2020

jon and julia

release new EP 'MOUNTAINS'

(available 11th of May 2020)

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Tonotopic Records are pleased to bring you a brand new EP from Swedish pop band Jon and Julia entitled 'Mountains'. The release features 3 songs: 'Mountains', 'If I Leave' and 'Mountains (Acoustic)'. The feature track 'Mountains' is an emotional pop duet about separation from loved ones, and features male and female lead vocals reminiscent of many Beatles songs from Lennon and McCartney. 'If I Leave' is the EP's B-side track, and portraits an Eleanor Rigby style ballad, fused with Pink Floyd guitar riffs and the band's signature lead male-female vocal share. 

You can stream and download track 1 'Mountains' HERE. (or use Soundcloud HERE)

You can stream and download track 2 'If I Leave' HERE.  (or use Soundcloud HERE)

You can stream and download track 3 'Mountains (Acoustic)' HERE.  (or use Soundcloud HERE)

It would be fantastic if you could run the news of the release on your outlets, and if you manage a Spotify playlist, the track will be available here.

Jon and Julia are available for interviews and features of all descriptions, if you would like to speak to them let me know.  Emailers are welcome, please send across questions and I'll get them to the band immediately.

Thank you very much, please direct all enquiries to me at the following email.

Conor Boland |


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Swedish pop duo Jon and Julia have announced the release of their first EP entitled 'Mountains'. Following a string of raunchy pop-rock singles released under Tonotopic Records, the band felt a change was needed to convey a more serious message about separation from loved ones and loss. 

The self titled first track 'Mountains' is a duet featuring both Jon and Julia on lead vocals, reminiscent of a Lennon McCartney style collaboration of vocal tones and writing. Presenting an emotional and catchy melody, the song takes a journey starting with Julia's clean vocals and acoustic guitar, and ending with both artists singing the blues with piano and strings . The second track 'If I Leave' also features both artists singing, but has a darker and more tense character, reminiscent of Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles but with an edgier vibe, highlighted by Pink Floyd style guitar riffs and a downbeat rocky melody.  

Julia Blomgren who co-wrote the EP with Jon Sundberg had this to say on the release: 

"We're living in strange times at the moment and we hope our new songs will give people some kind of hope. They were written during a very dark time in my life personally, so I know how hard it can be to fight on and struggle through when everyday feels like it's beating you down. 'Mountains' I wrote sitting by the kitchen window whilst going through a difficult time in a relationship, and the lyrics to 'If I Leave’ came up right after a close friend of mine died. The EP is about total grieving and dealing with sorrows in life - normal stuff. We might be told growing up that it’s not normal to cry, but with these songs we want to say: let it out, cry, take your time. It sometimes feels like many mountains ahead are still left to climb, especially now for everyone, but we’ll manage."


Jon Sundberg had this to say:

We started working on "Mountains" over a year ago and it's grown from a small seedling into a whole universe thanks to other musicians that have helped us during the creative process. Now we’re so proud and eager to share the result, 'Mountains' is a journey we look forward to taking you on."

'Mountains' is released through Tonotopic Records and is available everywhere from May 11th 2020 for you to buy and stream.



About Jon and Julia

Jon and Julia are Jon Sundberg and Julia Blomgren from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 2018, they had previously played in several bands releasing music independently and through self made record labels. When their former band mates parted ways they came together to form a new project and to create something special.


Before signing to Tonotopic Records they released ‘Stop Bleeding Your Heart Out’ through Space Place Records, a friend's label which attracted the attention of local newspapers and social media.


"Kill the Idol" released shortly after, continuing to build on the band’s fanbase and allowing Jon and Julia to explore co-writing in greater depth. In late 2018 “City of Mine” was released and several record labels began to take notice of the dynamic duo, as well as radio stations across the United States and UK.


In January 2019 the band were picked up by Tonotopic Records and a deal was signed, prompting the release of several new singles and an EP. 

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